About The Miracle Letter Program  (970) 571-9462

Thank you for visiting our website! The Miracle Letter Program (MLP) is a nonprofit organization consisting of local volunteers helping the Santas Of Sterling (SOS) to lend a hand in the form of a one-time grant per family in need.

SOS and the founding members of MLP are committed to providing assistance to families who are facing overwhelming expenses due to a catastrophic life event, and who do not yet qualify for public assistance.

MLP is active all year long – not just at Christmas time.

Applications usually come in the form of a child’s letter to Santa placed in the Candy Cane Mailbox, which is displayed at a different local business sponsor each month.

Call 970-571-9462 with questions.


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Our Inspiration

Santa met a little girl in Concord, New Hampshire. After climbing up to sit on Santa’s lap, she was asked “What do you want for Christmas this year?” Her answer was, “I don’t want anything for Christmas Santa. I just want two miracles.”

She went on to describe her family’s situation and what her two miracles were.  She asked to have her Daddy get well and for her family to have food in the house so they could have a happy holiday season. 

Her selflessness touched Santa’s heart so much that he decided to find the right people who could try and help make it all happen, and that is how the Miracle Letter Program began. 

Want to Help?

The Santas of Sterling and Miracle Letter Program  are committed to improving lives in our local communities. In keeping with this mission, we can always use a helping hand.  

Through the generosity of all who donate along with our sponsors, the volunteers at Miracle Letter Program take pride in the fact that we have been able to assist numerous families during a difficult time in their lives. 

Please consider helping us make someone’s life better by donating to our humble yet inspiring cause. 

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